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Portable High Pressure Compressor

Portable High Pressure Compressor are designed for high pressure operation up to 70.31 kg / CM2G (1000 psig), we fabricate multi-stage high pressure compressor that are widely used in valve and system testing, diesel engine starting, laboratory test work, space and aviation industries, air blast circuit breaking, military applications etc.

Available in various model numbers, our designed multi-stage high pressure compressors have following Specifications:
Model Motor HP No. Of Cylinders Piston Displacement CFM Pressure PSIG
GC - 281 3 2 7.4 500
GC-301 5 2 10.8 500
GC - 57T2 7.5 2 24.75 500
GC - 65T2 15.0 3 41.25 1000

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Portable High Pressure Compressor

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